Our Story

1 in 5 people has a learning difference such as dyslexia or ADHD, representing 70 million people in the US alone. Polygon’s mission is to enable every person with a learning difference to reach their full potential.

We Help Polygons Thrive in a World Built for Circles

From schools to career paths, the prevailing systems have been built for the “average” person — the perfect circle.

However, people with learning differences are anything but average. Often, they have distinct weaknesses paired with undeniable strengths. They are polygons in a world created for circles.

At Polygon, we aim to change both the outcomes and the perceptions of people with learning differences. We think shapes are a great way to think about these conditions — rewriting the narrative to focus on differences, not disabilities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jack Rolo

Founder & CEO

Jack was diagnosed with dyslexia at a late age. Now, he’s building the company he wishes he had access to as a child.

Jack received his MBA from UC Berkeley and studied physics at Durham University in the UK. Before founding Polygon, he worked in strategy consulting at Parthenon-EY and served on the board of a primary school for children with moderate to severe learning differences.

Co-founder & CTO

A biomedical engineer and data scientist by training, Meryll’s passion for applying technology to challenges in healthcare and education led him to Polygon.

Before co-founding Polygon, Meryll studied biomedical engineering at UC Berkeley and initially earned degrees in computer science and machine learning at École Centrale Paris. He has worked with companies including Fujitsu, Zipline, Glooko, and UNICEF.

Dr. Sharon Witkin, PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

For Sharon, Polygon is part of a lifelong calling to increase access to better learning differences services.

Before leading Polygon’s clinical practice, Sharon was an assistant clinical professor at UC Berkeley, a researcher at MIT, and served on the clinical leadership team at the Stanford-affiliated Children’s Health Council. Sharon received her PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology and completed her postdoctoral training at Stanford University.

Our Investors

We’ve partnered with leading investors who are as committed to our mission as we are.

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