Our Clinical Principles Are Our Foundation

Polygon’s mission is to enable every person with a learning difference to reach their full potential. We believe we can most effectively deliver on our mission by adhering to these principles.

Our Clinical Principles

Differences, Not Disabilities

We believe that most learning differences come with legitimate strengths. At the same time, we acknowledge the challenges people with learning differences face.

Best-In-Class Services

We strive to make our evaluations the most accurate, our support services the most effective, and our customer experience second to none.

Candid Communication

We speak candidly with every customer. We eliminate euphemisms and jargon throughout the process. We write reports that are clear, concise, and informative.

Rigorously Evidence-Based and Data-Driven

Everything we do is evidence-based and data-driven. We always avoid appeals to authority and never rely excessively on clinical judgment.

Bloated is Not the Same as Comprehensive

Bloating increases costs and therefore reduces access to learning differences services. We will never sell our clients redundant services.

Solve for Under- and Over-Diagnosis

Too many people are denied access to quality services; others are issued erroneous diagnoses in what can be a pay-to-play process. We offer evaluations that are accessible and accurate.

Proportionate Accommodations

The sole purpose of our recommended academic accommodations is to enhance learning; insufficient or excessive accommodations prevent a student from reaching their potential.

Effectiveness Over Efficacy

Effectiveness measures how an intervention performs in the real world; efficacy is how an intervention performs in ideal circumstances. We favor practical recommendations.

Focus on the Mission

We serve people with learning differences over all other stakeholders.

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