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Dyslexia Symptoms

By Anna Witkin, Medical Consultant |
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Signs of dyslexia may be present before a child begins learning to read. During the preschool years dyslexic children may have difficulty recognizing rhyming patterns and struggle to learn the letters of the alphabet. In kindergarten and first grade, kids with dyslexia will often struggle to sound out even single syllable words and may struggle to associate letters with their corresponding sounds. 

As dyslexic children progress in school they commonly try to avoid reading and activities that require reading. When forced to read they generally do so slowly and may be unable to sound out unfamiliar words such as proper nouns. They are also prone to make more spelling mistakes than their peers. Their lack of fluency and automaticity in reading may also cause them to run out of time on tests or fail to read instructions.  

As adults, individuals with dyslexia may avoid reading for pleasure. They may also seek out careers that don’t require significant reading regularly. If reading and spelling errors still occur, these can be misinterpreted as carelessness which can be detrimental in a professional environment.

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Anna Witkin, Medical Consultant

Anna Witkin is a contributing writer for Polygon. Anna holds a BA from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Biomedical Science from Tufts, and researched ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences during her time at Dartmouth School of Medicine studying for her MD.

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